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Add our Banner Exchange to your site and you will link to hundreds of other great sci-fi and fantasy web sites like yours. Each time your site shows an Exchange banner you earn a credit that gives you one free exposure on the Exchange. Each time someone clicks on an Exchange banner on your site, you will earn two additional credits. 

the sci-fi and fantasy banner exchange

Tip:  Get more people to come to your site by making sure that our Banner Exchange is easily visible on your pages. Each click from your site earns you two exposures on other sci-fi and fantasy sites in the Exchange!

This Banner Exchange Is FREE. 

This banner exchange is free but other low cost purchase options are available. Our pricing to purchase impressions is as follows: $15.00 USD buys you 100,000 impressions. (0.15 per thousand) $60.00 USD buys you 500,000 impressions. (0.12 per thousand) $100.00 USD buys you 1,000,000 impressions. (0.10 per thousand) You can use our exchange to advertise your site on other sites that are similar to yours. This targeting is going to get your site noticed by other sci-fi and fantasy fans.   You can also use our Exchange to track your web site stats while promoting your site at the same time.

How much does this cost?


The Fine Print

Your site must: 1. Have sci-fi or fantasy content. 2. Be in English. 3. Be of reasonable quality. 4. NOT contain pornography, violence, hate, racist or illegal content etc. 5. Be designed so that the Banner Exchange is visible on your page. All sites will be reviewed by for content. We reserve the right to refuse or remove, without warning, any site that we feel is unsuitable. YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED ONE EXCHANGE BANNER PER PAGE.

Other Stuff

You will need a banner to submit to the Exchange. It must be a 468 x 60, gif or jpg and NO MORE THAN 25k. Your banner may be animated or not.  It needs to be permanently stored on YOUR host. Do not delete the banner or move it to a different folder on your host. You may submit as many banners as you like. You may add an Exchange banner to as many of your pages as you want and the exchange will show you traffic stats for each of those pages. Earn more credits by adding an Exchange banner to several or all of your pages.
"Yours is the only banner exchange that has really pulled any true traffic to my site, and I know the exposures through MyStarship are hitting a well targeted audience..." Phil
"We did not know how effective banner advertising with would be, but were very pleasantly surprised when our Web stats system reported an astonishing 1000% increase in traffic during the initial free campaign. The MyStarship team have been superb to work with..." Avery Banner Exchange

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